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We offer several core financial services that aim to help people who are trying to get back on track. Sometimes life throws you a curveball, let Morgix take a swing on your behalf. Need help explaining any of the terms related to your personal finances? Check out our personal financial terms and definitions page.

Home Equity Lines of Credit with Morgix

Tajinder loved HGTV, his favorite show was Decked Out. He was happy with his first mortgage but needed some creative cash to beautify his backyard.

He called his friends at MORGIX. Within two weeks he had his down payment for the contractors.

If you’re wondering if he’s happy with his MORGIX experience, you should try to ask him between his hot tub sessions.

What is a Home Equity Line of Credit/Loan?

A home equity loan is a way to use the equity (paid down portion of your mortgage, or more accurately, the portion you own) of your home in order to borrow money to use for major expenses such as renovations, education, or other larger but necessary expenses. The loan amount is based on the equity amount, and uses that equity as collateral against the loan (The portion of the house you own is used to recoup the cost of the loan in case of default).

Why Would I Need a Home Equity Loan?

There’s a number of practical and necessary reasons that you may need to borrow against the equity in your home to access capital (borrow money):

  • Home improvements or renovations
  • Consolidation of high interest debt
  • Education and personal development
  • Emergency expenses
Morgix Mortgage Solutions

Morgix NO PAYMENT Mortgage

DeVon got hurt at work, seriously hurt. He knew that ODSP was coming, but he hadn’t been approved yet, his bills were piling up and he wasn’t making mortgage payments. He thought he would have to sell his family home, he and his 2 kids had been living in this same house for 12 years and he was desperate not to uproot them.

MORGIX had the answer. Not only did we give him some cash to maintain his family’s lifestyle, but using the equity in his home managed to pay for his first, and (new) second mortgage for a full year. Hopefully this time next year DeVon will be getting the income he needs, if not, that’s fine…

MORGIX also works with specialists that can assist relocating them, virtually for free.


What is a Morgix No Payment Mortgage?

Imagine one full year without a mortgage payment, that’s what the Morgix NO PAYMENT Mortgage is.

All payments of the loan that are held off are built into the financing. Lenders works to alleviate the pressures of payment during your tough times.

This is a great way to keep your home safe from any sort of non-payment issues.

Who is a No Payment Mortgage Best For?

If you’ve recently been injured, or laid off – even temporarily, a Morgix No Payment Mortgage is for you. The payment hold is most commonly arranged for one year, but can be setup to help alleviate your mortgage payments for up to five years.

If you have been looking at second mortgages or home equity lines of credits for any reason associated with lowering payments, you may want to inquire further about the temporary benefits of a no-payment mortgage. Apply today!

Debt Consolidation with Morgix

Carmela had been carrying credit card balances of around $50,000 at interest rates between 18.99% and 24.99% for the last few years, religiously making minimum monthly payments and not making a dent in the principal.

Tired of paying over $1,000 /month in interest and seeing collection notices and judgments piling up, she called her MORGIX agent and got a second mortgage at a rate of 8.99%. This allowed her to dramatically reduce her monthly payments and reduce the interest cost to $375/month saving her $625 a month on her monthly payments.

Through one of MORGIX’s trusted affiliated, MORGIX was able to settle out her debts saving her over $10,000 without credit counseling or consumer proposal. Together they cleaned up her credit and today she’s ready to roll her debt consolidation mortgage into her new first mortgage, cutting her interest rate in half, again.

What is Debt Consolidation?

Debt consolidation is a loan designed to combine your high interest debt, credit cards, and other loans into one singular loan, under a better interest rate, and a more manageable term.

Why Would I Need to Consolidate Debt?

You could take advantage of a debt consolidation loan if you have multiple high interest credit cards, loans, and are tired of trying to keep up with multiple payments and vendors. Let’s get it all together and help pay down your debts faster.



Total Credit Card Debt: $40,000 New 2nd Mortgage: $40,000
Blended Interest Rates: 19.99% New Interest Rate: 6.99%
Current Monthly Payment: $1,400 New Monthly Payment: $233
Credit suffering due to high credit use Credit repair begins within 30 days

You Save $1,167/month!

Mortgage Refinancing with Morgix

Ray needed some extra cash, his credit was good, his income was good and he didn’t want a second mortgage. CIBC offered him what he thought was the best rate, 3.19%. Like any good consumer, Ray knew there would be a penalty for breaking his mortgage and did some shopping, stumbling into his friends at MORGIX.

Using commission the bank paid us to buy down the rate, he got a lower rate than his own bank representative could offer. This more than offset the cost of the penalty, putting extra money in his pocket and reducing his monthly payment.

You know who Ray’s calling when this mortgage comes up for renewal…


What is a Mortgage Refinancing?

Mortgage refinancing is a pretty common practice where you can take advantage of lower rates and renegotiate the terms of your existing mortgage. This is handy if you had been previously locked into a higher rate mortgage, due to a fixed term, or a bad deal. Refinancing will allow you the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars a month and could even speed up the time it takes to pay down the principal (the original mortgage amount).

*Occasionally while refinancing you can consolidate other high interest debt to help pay it down faster.

Why Would I Need to Refinance my Mortgage?

You may need to refinance if you’re in a bind, financially, and need to free up some extra money each month. Refinancing at the right time (with a Morgix Agent of course!) and a longer amortization (the period in which the mortgage is set to be paid down at the proposed rate) you could free up enough money to help with surprise expenses, or even a new vehicle.

  • Lower interest rate = Lower payments
  • Pay down mortgage faster

Customer Proposal Payout by Morgix

Sometimes you just need a quick fix, and when the Tatiana approached her Trustee she got what she needed, at least so she thought. She was told that she could “avoid bankruptcy”, but didn’t realize that consumer proposal was actually registered under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency act, or that it would stay on her credit bureau for 8 years on her current payment plan.

She called the experts at MORGIX to get the money she needed to pay off her payment plan early, fixing her credit in 3 years instead of 8. When her MORGIX agent asked how much she originally owed, and what she was paying off through the proposal, they suggested that instead of paying back the full amount of the debt, she withdraw from the program and opt for an informal settlement through their licensed affiliate.

Tatiana saved $5,000 more than she had through the consumer proposal, and kept her payment exactly the same.

What is a Customer Proposal Payout?

As an alternative to bankruptcy, a customer proposal payout is a way to get protection from debt collectors by arranging a sort of financial compromise. This compromise is a proposal to payout a certain amount of your outstanding loans and the lenders may agree to forgive the rest. This setup can put a halt to many intrusive operations that overdue lenders partake in.

Why Would I Need a Customer Proposal Payout?

  • Alternative to bankruptcy
  • Stop creditors from calling
  • Get back on track

Stated Income (Self Employed) Mortgage/Loan with Morgix

Liz has a cleaning service, she’s been in business for over 5 years but for obvious reasons couldn’t prove the income necessary to qualify with her bank.

She called MORGIX who found her a lender that didn’t care about what the Government thought she made, and provided her the financing she needed to hire herself another 3 staff to grow her business.

Liz recently approached MORGIX to purchase a rental property. We love success stories, way to go Liz!

What is Stated Income Mortgage/Loan?

A stated income mortgage is a loan where the vendor/lender does not verify the borrower’s income through official channels or pay stubs. The vendor simply asks the borrower for their ‘stated income’ and are taken at their word. This is ideal for freelance type workers or as a way to include supplemental income as a basis for a loan amount.

Why Would I Need a Stated Income Loan?

If you are a freelancer worker (Example: Web designer, writer, photographer) who doesn’t necessarily have an official paid status, you may opt for a ‘stated income mortgage’ as a way to get financing for a purchase you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Stop Power of Sale / Foreclosure with Morgix

When Guillermo called MORGIX he was in quite the bind, the bank was ready to change the locks on his door. Time was of the essence, and the first thing that had to be done was to keep his family in their home.

Through one of our trusty associates, MORGIX was able to stop the eviction process long enough to arrange the new financing which kept the moving trucks parked and was much more affordable. Better still, our debt settlement partner reduced all of his collection items and judgments, saving him over $25,000 without consumer proposal, credit counseling or bankruptcy, giving him piece of mind.

Now when the phone rings, Guillermo answers.

What is Stop Power of Sale?

“Stop Power of Sale” is a Canadian measure that exists to prevent a a lender from taking your home in case of failed payments. This type of process is based on the equity in your home and can be used as a last measure to stop overdue lenders from repossessing your home, while you work to figure your finances out.

Why Would I Need to 'Stop Power of Sale'?

  • Stay in your home
  • Gain time to straighten finances out

Second Mortgages

What is a Second Mortgage?

A second mortgage is a loan/mortgage that is taken out on a property that is already mortgaged. In effect, you’re borrowing against the security of the first mortgage, which can make the second mortgage require a higher interest rate to cover the increased risk.

Why Would I Need a Second Mortgage?

Getting a second mortgage is a great solution to consolidate debts (consider those high interest credit cards!). If you’re over burdened by such debt, you should consider talking to us to see if a second mortgage is the right option for your situation. Eliminating high interest debt is one of the best ways to get control of your finances!

  • Eliminate high interest debt
  • Home improvements

Bad Credit Mortgage by Morgix

What is a Bad Credit Mortgage?

A bad credit mortgage is a mortgage intended for those who’ve had a ‘not so great’ financial track record. A combination of higher interest rates (to compensate for the higher risk) and private lenders work together to establish an acceptable arrangement to secure financing for the home buyer.

Why Would I Need a Bad Credit Mortgage?

You could need a bad credit mortgage if you’re in a situation where you need to make a move, but the main banks and lenders won’t look at you due to negative past financial performance. Perhaps you lost your job, or just couldn’t keep up with payments. Whatever the reason, there’s likely a chance with a bad credit mortgage.

  • Poor credit history
  • A chance to start fresh

First Time Buyer's Mortgage

What is a First Time Buyer's Mortgage?

The first time home buyer’s mortgage is where your journey begins. As you come closer to making your first home purchase, one of the factors to consider is the financing. Homes are a huge purchase, and more often than not, you’ll need to borrow the money to buy the home. Morgix is here for you to help you through the process. From setting a budget to establishing rates and terms, and ending with a hand shake, we are ready to help make your move easy, and pain free.

Why Would I Need a First Time Buyer's Mortgage?

  • You need funds to buy a house
  • Ready to move from an apartment/parent’s
  • You’ve finally saved the down payment and are ready to go!