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Are You Being Sued by Creditors?

If you’ve been sued by a creditor the time to act is now.

Have you been sued by Anderson Sinclair, KRMC, Christensen, LBN, AC Law, Goodman Griffin, MLT Aikins or any other law firm?

If there’s a judgment against you there’s most likely a lien and a writ of seizure and sale too. Most people don’t know this can allow them to force a power of sale and sell your home out from under you.

  • This is tough to hear, but a credit card can cost you your home.
  • It’s important to understand that at this point that debt will be paid.

Save Thousands of Dollars

Whether you do it now on your own terms or allow it to accrue tens of thousands of dollars worth of interest over the coming years is the only decision you have to make.

Morgix specializes in creative financing that returns the power to you. 

By consolidating your debts with a second mortgage you replace the dangerous, bad debt with a good debt that could save you tens of thousands of dollars in interest and increase your credit score by as much as 200 points within a year.

Don’t let your home become your creditor’s leverage; protect your most valuable asset.

Legal Assistance for Debt Reduction

In addition to consolidating your debt to massively reduce the cost and repair your credit, Morgix works with lawyers that can represent you in negotiations with your creditors to actually reduce the amount you repay them.

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Sued By Creditors

Make sure you ask us about our pre-paid mortgage option if you’ve suffered a temporary loss of income.

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Tajinder loved HGTV, his favorite show was Decked Out. He was happy with his first mortgage but needed some creative cash to beautify his backyard.

He called his friends at MORGIX. Within two weeks he had his down payment for the contractors.

If you’re wondering if he’s happy with this MORGIX experience, you should try to ask him between his hot tub sessions.

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