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What Morgix Clients Say:

Solutions For Every Situation

Refinances, second mortgages, home equity lines of credit, pre-paid mortgages. Each of these serves a unique purpose and may be the right choice for you.

We’ll dive into the options available and break them down by-the-numbers to make sure you’re getting the deal you need.

If you were declined by your bank there’s usually a good reason, whether it be income, credit or otherwise there’s something happening to you that requires a little out-of-the-box thinking. 

Being Declined Isn't Always A Bad Thing

“The grass isn’t always greener”, but sometimes it is. There are dozens of institutions out there lending to Canadian homeowners that will compete for your business in the market they service.

Even if you aren’t a rock star today, you will be again and playing the field again will ensure that when you’re ready you have access to all the products on the market- not just the few that your bank has access to.

Our Strategy

Morgix works with over 100 lenders from banks to individual investors to offer solutions like pre-paid mortgages and credit-repair mortgages. We’re able to solve whatever your issue is today and buy you the time you need to get your affairs back on track.

Credit Recovery

Usually within 12 months you’re ready to get the big banks competing for your business again.

Story Time:

Tajinder loved HGTV, his favorite show was Decked Out. He was happy with his first mortgage but needed some creative cash to beautify his backyard.

He called his friends at MORGIX. Within two weeks he had his down payment for the contractors.

If you’re wondering if he’s happy with this MORGIX experience, you should try to ask him between his hot tub sessions.

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