Pre-Paid Equity Loan

Morgix Pre-Paid Equity Loan

A pre-paid equity loan from Morgix is a great option if you’ve hit a financial rough patch. With no income or credit requirements, you’re able to get the money you need to survive.

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What Morgix Clients Say:


A pre-paid mortgage has no income or credit requirements and can be registered as a first or second mortgage.

Morgix can use your equity to make payments for a the term of the loan.

For Example:
Loan Request: $40,000
Scheduled Payment: $300
Term: One year
Payments Over the Year: $3,600
Prepaid Loan Request: $43,600
Payments Over the Year: $0

Why do I need a HELOC

You could take advantage of a pre-paid mortgage if you have suffered a temporary loss or reduction in income.

This is a great way to give you a break from any payments while you focus on getting your income back on track.

If you need to consolidate credit cards, catch up and pre-pay mortgage payments or property tax when you’re low on cash flow this is the product for you.

Enjoy One Year with No Mortgage Payments!

young couple worried at home in bad financial situation stress asking for help

 MORGIX has your back. A prepaid mortgage just makes sense!

Story Time:

Tajinder loved HGTV, his favorite show was Decked Out. He was happy with his first mortgage but needed some creative cash to beautify his backyard.

He called his friends at MORGIX. Within two weeks he had his down payment for the contractors.

If you’re wondering if he’s happy with this MORGIX experience, you should try to ask him between his hot tub sessions.

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