Morgix NO PAYMENT Mortgage

DeVon got hurt at work, seriously hurt. He knew that ODSP was coming, but he hadn’t been approved yet, his bills were piling up and he wasn’t making mortgage payments. He thought he would have to sell his family home, he and his 2 kids had been living in this same house for 12 years and he was desperate not to uproot them.


MORGIX had the answer. Not only did we give him some cash to maintain his family’s lifestyle, but using the equity in his home managed to pay for his first, and (new) second mortgage for a full year. Hopefully this time next year DeVon will be getting the income he needs, if not, that’s fine…


MORGIX also works with specialists that can assist relocating them, virtually for free.

What is a Morgix No Payment Mortgage?

Imagine one full year without a mortgage payment, that’s what the Morgix NO PAYMENT Mortgage is.

All payments of the loan that are held off are built into the financing. Lenders works to alleviate the pressures of payment during your tough times.

This is a great way to keep your home safe from any sort of non-payment issues.

Who is a No Payment Mortgage Best For?

If you’ve recently been injured, or laid off – even temporarily, a Morgix No Payment Mortgage is for you. The payment hold is most commonly arranged for one year, but can be setup to help alleviate your mortgage payments for up to five years.

If you have been looking at second mortgages or home equity lines of credits for any reason associated with lowering payments, you may want to inquire further about the temporary benefits of a no-payment mortgage. Apply today!

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